Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Earn LCB Cash In Our August Adorable Animals Contest

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Earn LCB Cash In Our August Adorable Animals Contest
Earn LCB Cash In Our August Adorable Animals Contest

If you are a regular forum member on LCB, you probably know that many of our posts include stories and fun facts not only about gambling but various everyday topics. You might have also noticed that we are particularly keen on sharing posts about pets or animals in general.

Long story short, we are eager to announce another entry tournament dedicated to man’s best friend, whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or even a lizard…

In August, all members who joined our site at least one month ago will have a chance to qualify for our Adorable Pets August Contest and win LCB Chips to purchase gifts from our Shop.

The rules are quite simple, so if you own a pet, send us its cutest picture from the album and redeem fantastic rewards in no time. You can also send us a video of an animal that you find beautiful or share a favorite pet story, it’s entirely your choice!

One Entry Per Day

To avoid any confusion, only players who joined before August 6th, 2018 can participate in our contest. We prepared fourteen prizes in total, ranging from $5 up to $50 in LCB Cash.

For those who are new (since it’s easy to get lost in 107,648 forum members and counting) the prize money can only be used in our LCB Shop, which is now geo-located and covers a massive collection of exclusives, including extra spins, bonuses, chips, vouchers and even mugs or t-shirts for hard-core fans!

The best thing about the contest is that winners can redeem their rewards immediately after the draw or save them and simply accumulate for bigger prizes! A player can only win ONCE during the contest, so choose your pet’s photo carefully and stay alert until August 27th. Best of luck!!



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