Sunday, June 3, 2018

Get Answers from the Gods

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Get Answers from the Gods
Get Answers from the Gods

We’ve recently added a full review for 7 Gods Casino to our database, and we hope you take an in-depth look prior to registration (if you haven’t already done so). What’s good? What’s not-so-good? It’s all there! We at LCB are also proud to announce that a casino representative from the site has signed onto the forum for direct casino support.

The rep provided a lengthy description, explaining that the site “hosts more than 1500 games and conducts captivating tournaments” and “stands out among other similar sites thanks to its design idea.”

It doesn’t stop there; the representative further added, “We introduce all players into a single playing space, where they all represent different mythological pantheons fighting among themselves. This system does not confuse users. The players may not pay attention to this aspect of the game at all, or they can instead compete with other players, participate in tournaments, defend the honor of his pantheon, etc.”

Sounds pretty unique, huh? We know online casino gaming can get a little repetitive after a while, so it’s always nice to add something different to the mix. The site uses an integrated platform to power its wide selection of games, complete with more than a dozen software brands! Take your pick from a selection of slots, progressive jackpot games, video poker and table games.

While the rep gets into the loyalty program above, we’ll provide you with a little more detail because it’s just so darn cool! Users are given the opportunity to choose their respective clan and get bonuses in return, with as many as 70 levels laid out across 7 pantheons. They include the following: Hellenic, Nordic, Egyptian, Slavonic, Hindu, Aztec and Far-Eastern. Each are equipped with designated bonuses to enjoy. To level up, place real money wagers to earn power points.

To contact the rep, visit the user profile and send a message.



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