Friday, June 1, 2018

AU Slots Punter Wins $145,000

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AU Slots Punter Wins $145,000
AU Slots Punter Wins $145,000

Today's piece of new regarding fortunate events unfolding at casinos worldwide comes from AU Slots Casino and it's a story of how patience pays off, and how a small amount of money can turn into piles of cash when you least expect it.

With summer vacations looming, everyone is hoping for some extra spending cash before the fun in the sun begins. Such was the case with a certain 35-year-old Australian who decided to try his luck on slot machines of his liking – who knows, he may be the one to hit the winning streak if stubborn enough.

On Friday, May 18th, he began by depositing $180 on IgTech Pokie: 3 Witches game. Two days later (thirty hours to be more precise), the $180 dollars turned into a whopping $145,000, thanks to a streak of carefully executed wins on this game!

While the identity of the lucky punter remains unknown (he decided to keep his anonymity), you don't have to know the man's name to come to the realization that this was one major win that will not be repeated often. Our fondest congratulations to the lucky player…

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