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Dylan Wilkerson Wins WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event

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Dylan Wilkerson Wins WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event

Former WSOP Circuit Main Event winner Dylan Wilkerson won a second such title last night at Harrah’s Cherokee in North Carolina. The player emerged as the victor after a great heads-up show with runner-up finisher and poker veteran Erick Lindgren.

Wilkerson’s payday totaled $294,152. He also captured his second gold ring from the series. The player won his first gold piece last spring when he bested the field of the $1,675 Main Event at The Bicycle stop of the Circuit.

Wilkerson came into the final day of the Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event as one of the 19 survivors from the previous day. The player was seventh in chips at the beginning of Day 3 play with 1.315 million.

By the time the unofficial final table was set, the eventual champion had climbed to second in the chip counts chart. Shortly after, Wilkerson took the chip lead to mostly stay atop during the remaining stages of the tournament.

The WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee was one of the last stops on the series’ 2017/2018 calendar. Its $1,675 Main Event drew a field of 1,060 entries who created a prize pool of $1.59 million. The top 108 places got paid, min-cash starting from $2,926. The event was played over four days.

Its final stage, the heads-up between Wilkerson and Lindgren lasted nearly three hours and saw the chip lead exchange hands on several occasions.

Lengthy Heads-Up

The two-handed match began with Wilkerson holding a 4:1 lead over his final opponent. He secured his advantage after eliminating two players within a single hand. Wilkerson busted Howard Setzer and Daniel Wagner in fourth and third to collect their chips and enter heads-up with a stack that should have given him some comfort.

However, the player did not have a good start to the duel and gradually lost grip to find himself at an 8:1 disadvantage to Lindgren.

Wilkerson managed to regain momentum and to begin to gradually rebuild his stack. He evened the counts to eventually take the lead and never look back. On what turned out to be the final hand in play, Wilkerson shoved for 7.255 million pre-flop, putting himself and his fellow player at great risk. Lindgren called for his last remaining chips and tabled pocket Queens to Wilkerson’s pocket Kings. A blank board sealed it for Wilkerson and sent Lindgren to the rail for a second-place payout of $181,864.

In his post-victory interview, Wilkerson said that he felt relieved to have captured the title after the action-packed heads-up. Of him losing his good advantage at the beginning of heads-up, the player said that nothing went his way and he probably did not play that well, thus allowing his opponent to take advantage of the situation. Wilkerson was happy to have had the chance to come back and eventually win the tournament.

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A Total of 29,319 Belgians Self-Excluded Themselves from Gambling in 2017

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A Total of 29,319 Belgians Self-Excluded Themselves from Gambling in 2017

As many as 29,319 Belgians self-excluded themselves from gambling (both online and at land-based venues) in 2017, according to a press release published earlier today on the official website of Belgian Minister of Justice Koen Geens.

The reported figure represents a 9% increase from 2016, when 26,782 opted for exclusion from various types of gambling services.

Another 158,413 were banned from gambling with a court ruling. Most of the court orders were issued to gamblers who had accumulated large debts as a result from their habits. Under Belgium’s gambling law, a court could ban residents from gambling, both online and at brick-and-mortar facilities, in certain cases.

It was also found that 409 gamblers were banned from participating in gambling activities after a request from a third party, including family members and/or partners. The requests are filed to and processed by the Belgian Gaming Commission.

According to today’s press release, the number of excluded and self-excluded people has grown significantly over the past five years. In 2013, 19,670 gamblers self-excluded themselves, while 82,580 were issued a court order and 89 were banned from gambling after a third-party request.

The names of all self-excluded players as well as of those banned from gambling as a result from a court ruling or a third-party request are added to a specially created system. Belgium’s Excluded Persons Information System (EPIS) has been active since 2004. It contains information about all gambling customers that have self-excluded themselves or have been banned from gambling. All gambling customers have their names and dates of birth checked into EPIS upon opening an account with a gambling website or entering a brick-and-mortar gambling facility so that excluded persons are prevented from gambling.

Additional Responsible Gambling Measures

While Belgian lawmakers and gambling regulators consider the country’s gambling exclusion system a powerful protection tool, a new set of rules aimed at serving the same purpose and enhancing existing tools were introduced last fall.

Last October, Belgian politicians gave the nod to proposed curbs on the way gambling services are advertised in the country. The move came as part of the Belgian government’s efforts to limit the proliferation of gambling among vulnerable people.

The new measures prohibit gambling operators from advertising their products during live sports broadcasts. Gambling ads should also not appear on Belgian media before a 10 pm watershed, unless they are part of a non-live sports program. In this case such ads should not air 15 minutes before and after children-focused programs. The new rules also aimed to crack down on affiliate marketing, banning the use of third-party websites for the promotion of gambling products and services.

Legislators also crafted non-advertising limitations as part of the larger package of measures, including a €275 monthly cap on the maximum value of bonuses offered by online gambling operators to each of their customers. Under the new rules, players would not be able to deposit more than €500 per week to fuel their online gambling accounts.

It is still to be confirmed when the new regulations would take effect. But it is believed that they will come into force eight months after their publication in the Belgian Official Journal.

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Mare Balticum Gaming Summit 2018 is a must attend event

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Mare Balticum Gaming Summit 2018 is a must attend event

Mare Balticum Gaming Summit 2018 is a must attend event for companies that are operating or looking to operate in the Baltics or Scandinavian region. The “Mare Balticum” title of the event is inspired by local event titles which gather the locals from the Baltic Sea region. This is also main focus of the event, gathering the local industry and ...

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Wild Woman of The West

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Wild Woman of The West
Wild Woman of The West

On a summer day in 1852, a dust-covered stagecoach from San Francisco came to a screeching halt in Nevada City, CA. There was only one passenger aboard -- an attractive well-dressed young woman wearing a stylish hat.

Single women were a scarcity in the early days of the wild west. Her arrival drew curious and even lustful glances from the cowboys, gold prospectors, gamblers and even clergymen who were lucky enough to see the arrival of Eleanore Dumont.

She was dressed a little flamboyantly with jewelry and a low-cut gown. But it was evident to those who saw her that she was not a lady of the evening as prostitutes were called. And the men were also pleased that she was not a school teacher or social worker who frowned on whiskey and gambling, both of which were prominent in Nevada City.

Miss Dumont had a delightful French accent as well as an attractive downy fuzz on her upper lip. One of the men removed his hat and escorted her from the stagecoach. He followed her like an obedient puppy dog to a hotel a block away from where she registered herself.

The eligible males and a few who were not eligible took great interest in Eleanore Dumont. They noted she smoked cigarettes that she rolled herself and drank fine wine. She carried herself like a lady and appeared to be chaste. She did not go out of her way to attract men, but neither did she drive them away.

She was a gambler -- one of the best -- and she opened a game that quickly grew into one of the most respected poker games in town.

California was still reeling from the economic effects of the gold strike. There were many prospectors in Nevada City whose pockets were heavy with gold. In her attractive, almost virginal style, Dumont managed to relieve them of much of the weight of the heavy precious metal.

At first, the men who played in her game did it out of curiosity. But the curiosity grew into admiration. In order to play at her poker table, she insisted that the men wear jackets, refrain from profanity, and not engage in fisticuffs or other violence. She also ordered them to remove their hats. The popularity of her gambling enterprise literally exploded, forcing her to move to a larger facility.

She hired dealers and other assistants and became wealthy. After several years, the economic prosperity of Virginia City began slowing down and Dumont bid a sad adieu to the town. She moved to other places to run gambling games -- Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and South Dakota. She was successful everywhere she traveled.

Then age caught up with her and she began to lose her beauty. By the time she was 40, she had put on pounds and the wispy downy hairs on her upper lip had turned into a mustache. She had switched her drinking from wine to whiskey. While she made some of her money gambling, she made even more of it by going to bed with her customers who had started calling her Madame Moustache.

She moved to Fort Benton, Montana and opened a gambling saloon and brothel in a two-story building. The place had no touch of elegance. It was rundown with a dozen small rooms on the second floor.

A steamboat man who had heard of Madame Moustache came to the place because he wanted to play against her. By then Dumont was considerably overweight and her moustache was quite pronounced. He told her he either wanted to lose his $200 to her or use it to win a considerable amount of money.

She smiled and they began playing. She cleaned him out.

As he rose to leave, she signaled to one of her employees and insisted the man have a special drink on the house. It was a glass of milk. He returned to his steamship with nothing but memories.

Elaine Dumont's life ended tragically. She moved to Bodie, CA., set up a gambling house, and in 1879 decided she had had enough of life..She wandered out of town and shot herself to death.


Village in northern Illinois twice rejects proposal for video gambling cafe

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Village in northern Illinois twice rejects proposal for video gambling cafe

In Illinois, a Naperville-based marketing agency’s plan for a video gambling café in Kendall County was denied by Oswego Village Board members this week after reportedly receiving a similar rejection on March 6. The Chicago Tribune newspaper reports that earlier this week, 26-year-old Wilbur You, of You Holdings, made an appearance at a trustees meeting […]

Jason Sandling Eyes Second WSOP Circuit Main Event Title at Harrah’s Cherokee

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Jason Sandling Eyes Second WSOP Circuit Main Event Title at Harrah’s Cherokee

As many as 182 players reached Day 2 of the WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee $1,675 Main Event after entering the tournament on Days 1A and B. They are set to return at the host casino at noon North Carolina time and to continue their battle for the first-place prize and the gold ring that goes along with it.

The Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event attracted a field of 1,060 tournament entries who cracked the $1 million guarantee and generated a prize pool of $1.59 million. However, only the top 108 finishers will be treated to a portion of the money, which means that bursting the money bubble will be the first thing on today’s agenda.

The remaining survivors are scheduled to play ten one-hour levels today at the host venue. Their goal will be to hopefully reach the official nine-handed final table, but with 182 hopefuls left in contention that could be a difficult task.

The first flight of the tournament was played on Friday at Harrah’s Cherokee. It saw 407 players putting up the $1,675 buy-in fee to enter the event. Of them, only 67 bagged and tagged for the night. They were led by Andrew Mousmoules with 314,500 in chips.

Another 652 entries joined the field on Day 1B, which played Saturday at the host casino. However, only 115 survived throughout the day to secure a seat into Day 2. North Carolina native Jason Sandling ended Day 1B as the chip leader, transforming his 20,000 starting stack into a 340,000 one. The player will thus start Day 2 play as the overall chip leader across the tournament’s two starting flights.

Previous Triumphs

Sandling is vying for his third gold ring from the WSOP Circuit series and his second WSOP Circuit Main Event title. The player won his first Main Event at the same host venue four years ago. He topped a field of 665 entries at Harrah’s Cherokee to scoop a first-place prize of $204,487 and his first-ever gold piece from the popular poker series.

A year later, Sandling won a $365 No-Limit Hold’em at Horseshoe Baltimore for his second gold ring and a first-place payout of $14,505. He is now in a great position to make history at Harrah’s Cherokee, winning his second title from a Main Event and his largest WSOP Circuit cash.

As mentioned earlier, the top 108 finishers in the tournament will get paid. Payouts start from $2,926, but sights are set on the first-place prize of $294,152. Aside from the gold ring and the prize money, the winner will also secure a seat into the Global Casino Championship for a chance to win a WSOP gold bracelet.

Daniel Weinman is another player to be eying a second Main Event title. The player won that same event at Harrah’s Cherokee in 2015 for a gold ring and $280,260. Other notables still in contention include five-time gold ring winner Kurt Jewell, Josh Arieh, and Jonathan Hilton.

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